The website of the accomodation named ’Boró Apartman’, operated by TiszaRelax Kft. is protected by copyright.

The materials, audio and visual pieces are legally protected according to Act LXXVII. of 1999. Using these materials without the written consent of TiszaRelax Kft. and FÖLD-GÉP 2001 Kft. are explicitly forbidden.

The Rights of the Guests and Users

The Guest – User in the following – may ask for information about personal data management from TiszaRelax Kft. The legally authorized data management is an exception.

TiszaRelax Kft. – Data Manager in the following – gives orientation about the nature, claim, length of data management, which of the data are managed, the name and address of Data Manager, the activity in connection with data management, and about who and for what aim may receive the data in question.

The User may oppose data management, of course, if:

  • the managing and forwarding of personal data is only used for the validation of legitimate interest of the Data Manager or the data receiver
  • the use or forwardation of the personal data get in connection with creating business, surveying, or scientific research purposes
  • the right of opposing is provided by law.

The Data Manager must investigate the reason(s) of opposing the data management and suspend the managing of data in question, within 15 days of receiving request, and inform the requester in writing about the result of the investigation.

The User’s Legal Redress Possibilities

The User, upon violation of its rights, may ask for legal redress, or turn to court. The User may turn to court within 30 days after the Data Manager’s decision, if the User does not accept the decision.

The Data Manager must pay the damages caused by incorrect use of managed personal data or upon breaching the requirements of technical data management.

We inform you, that with the quotation request on the site of TiszaRelax Kft., you accept the terms written in our Personal Data Management proclamation, and contribute to the management of your personal data, according to this legal disclaimer.


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