General Terms & Conditions


 1. General Policies

1.1. The General Terms and Conditions (T&C) includes the contractual contents, that are between Boró Apartmanház (H-5350 Tiszafüred, Poroszlói street 10.) (Provider henceforth) operated by TiszaRelax Ltd., and their Guests, as an accommodation contract.

1.2. Unique conditions are not included in T&C, but does not preclude other agreements with travel agencies, organizers, with different terms in connection with the current business. 

2. Contracting sides

2.1. The services given by the Provider are used by the Guest. If the request for services are coming directly from the Guest, the Guest will be the Contracting party. If the terms are fulfilled, the Provider and the Guest will become contracting sides (Sides henceforth).

2.2. If the request comes from a third party (Mediator henceforth), with commission of the Guest, the terms of cooperation are ruled by the statement between the Provider and the Mediator. In such cases, the Provider is not bound to examine whether the third party stands allowably for the Guest.

3. Ways and Condition of Service utilization

3.1. The Service is only available, if at least 1 person is of legal age (18 years) is included in the reservation.

3.2. Upon the Guest’s verbal or written service request, the Provider will always send a written offer. If no particular reservation happens in 24 hours after the Provider has sent the offer, the Provider is not bound to tender strings. The offer given by the Provider does not count as a reservation, the Guest is not loaded with any liability.

3.3. The Contract comes into effect after the Provider’s written confirmation to the Guest’s written reservation, and counts as a written Contract.

3.4. Verbal requests, agreements, modifications, or verbal confirmations from the Provider do not count as a contract.

3.5. The Contract of accommodation service use are for a definite time period.

3.6. If the Guest leaves the apartment permanently, before the end of the time period, the Provider is entitled to the full offset of the contracted services. The room, if left permanently before the end of the contracted time period, the Provider may resell it for the remaining time period.

3.7. The extension of the accommodation of service asked by the Guest, is only available with the previous agreement of the Provider. In such case, the Provider may ask the Guest to equalize the fulfilled services up to the point of request.

3.8. The main condition of using the accommodation services is to prove their identity lawfully, before occupying the apartment(s). No Guest may stay in the apartments unidentified.

3.9. The modification or complementation of contract is bound to a written and signed agreement by the Sides.

4. Reception, Business hours

4.1. The Provider operates with a reception at the accommodation named above, from 8:00 until 17:00. The Guest with the advent of reservation, accepts that in the marked time period, within the reception’s business hours, occupies the reserved apartment(s)- except the different time, agreed by the Provider. Outside of business hours, the Guests’ can use the gate next to the building, for leaving and coming back to their apartment(s). The Provider may reserve the right to change the business hours in case of exceptional events, occasions, or holiday.

5. The start and end of accommodation

5.1. The Guest has the right to occupy the rented unit, on the agreed day, from 14:00 up until 17:00.

5.2. The Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract, if the Guest does not show up until 17:00, with the exception of a later time, agreed by the Provider.

5.3. If the Guest has paid an advance, the apartment(s) are upheld until 10:00 on the next day, after that sales is possible.

5.4. After the reception opening hours - check-in is only possible by prior arrangement, including a key safe.

5.5. The Guest must leave the apartment on the day of departure, until 10:00.

5.6. Depending on the accommodation’s occupation, the Provider may enable the option of early check-in or late check-out. If the Guest would like this service, the Guest must notify the Provider, before the day of arrival the latest.

5.7. In the case of early check-in, the Guest(s) can occupy the accommodation from 8:00 or 11:00, on the day of arrival. In the case of late check-out, the Guest(s) are able to use the apartment(s) until 13:00, 16:00 or 18:00 on the day of departure - depending on the content of the choosen service.

5.8. Early check-in and Late check-out options:

Offseason (09.01-06.14.):
Early check-in basic: accomodation can be occupied from 8:00 on the given day - 5.000.- HUF/apartment
Late check-out basic: check-out is possible until 16:00 on the given day - 5.000.- HUF/apartment
Early check-in/Late check out - deluxe apartment - 10.000.- HUF/apartment

High-season - studio apartments (06.15-08.31.):

  • Early check-in basic: accomodation can be occupied from 8:00 on the given day - 8.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Early check-in light: accomodation can be occupied from 11:00 on the given day - 4.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Late check-out basic: check-out is possible until 18:00 on the given day - 10.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Late check-out light: check-out is possible until 16:00 on the given day - 8.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Late check-out extra light: check-out is possible until 13:00 on the given day - 4.000.- HUF/apartment

High-season - deluxe apartment (06.15-08.31.):

  • Early check-in basic: accomodation can be occupied from 8:00 on the given day - 12.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Early check-in light: accomodation can be occupied from 11:00 on the given day - 8.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Late check-out basic: check-out is possible until 18:00 on the given day - 12.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Late check-out light: check-out is possible until 16:00 on the given day - 10.000.- HUF/apartment
  • Late check-out extra light: check-out is possible until 13:00 on the given day - 8.000.- HUF/apartment

6. The Extension of Stay

6.1. The extension of stay by the Guest(s) must be agreed by the Provider.

6.2. If the Guest(s) does not empty their room on the day marked as departure day, previously on the day of check-in, until 10:00, and the Provider did not agree to extend the duration of the Guest(s)’ stay, the Provider is obliged to bill a further day’s price and the Provider’s free of further service obligation towards the Guest(s).

7. Prices

7.1. The Provider’s prices are stated in Hungarian Forint (HUF).

7.2. The current price list is placed in the Reception.

7.3. The advertised prices of the Provider are subject to change (packages or other discounts). The Provider is obliged to use different time periods. If the Guest has reserved a booking, and the Provider confirmed that in written form, the Provider will not change the agreed price of the reservation. The actual prices of Boró Apartman can be found on its website (

7.4. The Guest can ask for the prices of the provided services before using them.

7.5. The Provider states the legally defined tax rates (VAT, Tourist tax) of the requested services. The prices shared with the Guest(s) include the legally defined VAT, but do not include the Tourist tax, which has to be paid on-site. The Provider devolutes any further charges caused by the change of operative taxation laws (VAT, Tourist tax) to the Guest, with previous notification from the Provider.

7.6. Tourist tax can only be equalized by cash.

7.7. The EUR prices stated on some of the accommodation mediator site, the Provider has the right to exchange it with the daily middle rate found on the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), and bill it at that rate.

8. Offers, discounts

8.1. The current offers and discounts are stated on the accommodation’s website. The advertised discounts are only available for specific reservations.

8.2. The advertised discounts cannot be combined with no other discounts.

8.3. In case of reservations with special conditions, group reservations or events, the Provider states the conditions in a unique contract.

9. Discounts for Children

9.1. We provide the following discounts for children, who stay in the same apartment with their parents:
- Under the age 3 - 100% discount. From the age of 3 - full price is payable.
We can provide a travelling baby cot with baby bedding, feeding chair, step stool and a toilet seat - upon previous agreement.

10. Terms of cancellation & modification

10.1. The Guest must notify the Provider via email or via phone call, about the cancellation of their reservation.

10.2. If the cancellation is received no later than 7 days prior to arrival, the advance is fully refunded.

10.3. If the cancellation is within 7 days of arrival, the Provider validates the advance paid – 30% of the total price, if the Guest has settled it as advance- as indemnity.

10.4. In those cases, when the Guest has reserved accommodation within 7 days of the arrival, has equaled the advance as well, but the Guest has to cancel the reservation due to unforeseen event(s) – the Provider cannot pay the advance back, but it may be used for a later reservation as an advance within a 1-year time period. If the Guest has paid the total price of the reservation, 30% of that amount can be used as advance at the accommodation, the remainder of the price will be given back to the Guest.

10.5. If the Contracting side is business organization (including economic organizations, social organizations, church, local governments, local governmental institutions, national organizations and its institutions, etc.) stand down form the reservation, the indemnity has to be paid by the Contracting side/Customer, if the Guest is acting on behalf of the Contracting side/Customer with payment.

10.6. If the Contracting side has ensured the use of accommodation services with paying an advance, and does not arrive on the day of arrival (no written cancellation is received), the Provider will validate the total amount of the advance stated in the Contract as indemnity. The reservation will be held until 10:00, on the next day, and after that point, the Provider’s service obligations end.

10.7. If the Contracting side did not ensure with advance payment, credit/debit card details, or in any way stated in the contract, the service obligations of the Provider end on the day of arrival at 17:00, local time.

10.8. If Guest used our 5% discount - by paying the entire amount of the reservation in advance - then the reservation is non-cancellable according to the specified conditions. It is not possible to use the paid amount later either.

10.9. Cancellation conditions for group bookings - up to 5 apartments: The booking can be cancelled 4 weeks before arrival without penalty. The number of apartments can be changed once 14 days and the exact number of guests 7 days before arrival. After that, all modifications are 2.500.- HUF/occasion.

10.10. Cancellation conditions for group bookings - more than 5 apartments: The booking can be cancelled 12 weeks before arrival without penalty. The number of apartments can be changed once 28 days and the exact guests of people 7 days before arrival. After that, all modifications are 2.500.- HUF/occasion.

10.11. Cancellation conditions for group booking - all apartments: The booking can be cancelled 4 weeks before arrival without penalty. It is not possible to reduce the number of the apartments - in this case, the price in the offer must be paid. The exact number of guests can be changed once 7 days before arrival. After that, all modifications are 2.500.- HUF/occasion.

10.12.  It is possible to change the date of the reservation depending on occupancy - once without charge. After that, all modifications are 2.500.- HUF/occasion. If the modification affects a period with different pricing - the Guest must pay any price difference.

11. Contract termination, End of Service obligations

11.1. The Provider is authorized to terminate the accommodation service contract, with immediate effect, thus deny any further services, if:

-the Guest does not use the given apartment of the facility accordingly;

-the Guest does not empty the apartment on the day of departure, given at the reception at check-in, and the Provider did not agree previously to extend the duration of the stay;

-the Guest shows inappropriate behavior towards the safety, order, or the staff of the Apartment, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, show threatening, abusive or other unacceptable behavior;

-if the Guest does not fulfill its advance paying obligation until the given date;

-if the Guest heavily violates any point of the House Regulations.

11.2. If the contract is not fulfilled for vis maior reasons, the contract is terminated.

12. Payment methods, Guarantee

12.1. The ordered services can be paid on site by cash (HUF), with transfer, or by credit/debit card.

12.2. In the case of transfer, unless the contract made with the Provider states otherwise, must be completed before the Guest’s date of arrival, as the total sum is already put on the apartment’s bank account, or the transfer is verified by the Guest’s financial institution with an indefeasible document about the transaction.

12.3. With the acceptation of the Terms and Conditions, the Guest acknowledges and accepts that the Provider will create a bill about the fees to be paid, as well as about any further expanses paid by the Guest to the Provider, which is handed to the Guest at the accommodation.

12.4. For the fees paid/ to be paid, the Provider will use the data given in the online booking, or in the case of booking via email, or phone call, the data provided by the reserver will be used as billing data.

12.5. The given data (name, address, tax number if needed), will appear on the bill(s), under the ‘Customer’ (‘Vevő’) heading. Within 1 day after the end of the reservation, the Guest may ask for changing the billing data, after that time period, it is not possible.

12.6. On some of the accommodation broker sites – from which the Provider do not require advance payment- the Provider has the right to check the credit/debit card’s validity, but will not ask for credit/debit card guarantee, which means that no amount will be disclosed from the bank account belonging to the credit/debit card.

12.7. The Provider will create the total bill with the data given with the booking by the Guest.

12.8. For every reservation, only one total bill can be created, the reservations cannot be separated for billing reasons. If the total bills will be under the name of two or more Guests (or companies), separate reservations shall be made for every participant. The further modifications of the reservations (e.g. further services bought) will be billed separately.

12.9. If the Guest detects an error with the total bill, the Guest and the person/company should write a letter/email to the following address to solve it:



TiszaRelax Kft.

H-5350 Tiszafüred, Poroszlói Street 10.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our aim is to handle the comment and notify the Guest/company within 15 days of the notification.

13. Advance payment/paying in advance

13.1. Individual apartment reservation is only possible with an advance payment, which is the 30% of the total fee of the accommodation. The advance can be paid by cash at the Provider, and with bank transfer from the Guest’s account managing bank to the following OTP bank account number: HU61 11745059-21451449

13.2. The Provider requests, that at bank transfer of the advance, please indicate the name of the Guest, its reservation number, and the date of arrival and departure for the easier identification.

13.3. The Guest is bound to fulfill the advance payment, or the total amount in advance within 7 days after the reservation.

13.4. The Provider will create an advance bill about the sum of the advance, which the Guest will receive at the Accommodation before check-out.

13.5. If an advance was paid, the remainder of the total sum has to be equaled before check-out. The total bill’s sum will be reduced by the amount of the advance.

14. Accommodation guarantee

14.1. If the Provider cannot fulfill the accommodation service by its own mistake (over reservation, temporary operating problems, etc.), the Provider must take care of another accommodation immediately.

14.2. The Provider must cover the services stated in the contract at another Accommodation in the same or higher price range for the duration of the reservation or until the operation problems are solved. The excess costs of the substitute accommodation are on the Provider.

14.3.  If the Provider has completely fulfilled its duties for such events, and the Guest has accepted the substitute accommodation, the Guest cannot ask for follow-up compensation.

15. The Rights of the Guest

15.1. With accepting the accommodation service contract, the Guest is qualified for the regular use of the rented accommodation. The Guest is enabled to use other facilities with no special requirement, as well as requesting other services of the Accommodation within its business hours.

15.2. The Guest may notify the Provider with its complaints for the given services during the length of their stay. The Provider may engage on the complaints sent in a certified, written form (entered in the record). The Provider handles each claim separately. The Guest may send their complaints in written form to the following address:



TiszaRelax Kft.

H-5350 Tiszafüred, Poroszlói Street 10.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



16. The Obligations of the Guest

16.1. The equation of the agreed price: either until the stated date in the contract, or at the end of the accommodation service contract.

16.2. For the electric devices, which are not of everyday use, the previous agreement is needed from the Provider.

16.3. The Guests can park their cars in front of the apartment free of charge. For any damages in the cars or the valuables left in them (including but not exclusively: car effraction, abstraction of any valuables, abstraction of the car, damages by the phenomena of nature), the Provider excludes itself of responsibility. For any valuables left in the apartment units, the Provider takes no responsibility.

16.4. In the parking area, the Hungarian traffic rules are in effect.

16.5. The Guest’s obligation is to keep the key of the apartment unit safe. In case of missing or damaged key, the Provider charges additional fees.

16.6. The Guest’s responsibility is to close the apartment unit when left. The Provider is not responsible for damages resulting from omission.

16.7.  Place the litter in the litterbins placed around the complex and in the apartment units.

16.8. The instruments and facilities found around the complex are to be used with the Guest’s own responsibility, in accordance with the user’s guide of each instrument/facility.

16.9. According to Act XLII of 1999. about the protection of non-smokers, in the closed areas of the accommodation, as well as in the community areas, smoking is prohibited. The signs of prohibition in the mentioned areas are placed. The compliance applies to the Guests, and every person in the area of the accommodation.

16.10. In accordance with the fire protection regulations, smoking and the use of naked light are prohibited, smoke detectors have been set up in the area of the Accommodation.

16.11. If any of the Guests, or any person on the site of the complex commits an illegal activity, and the competent authority fines the Provider referred to law, the operator of the Accommodation may uphold the right to devolve the fine to the person who committed the illegal action, and to demand the Guest, to pay the fine.

16.12. If the Guest provably brakes the obligations in the previously stated law, the operator of the Accommodation has the right to bill the extra cleaning fees to the Guest, who has to compensate them at the check-out, the latest.

16.13. In case of fire, immediately notify the operator of the Accommodation.

16.14. The Guest is responsible for the damages caused by inappropriate use in the equipment or in the apartment units.

16.15. The Provider asks the Guest to not to move the furniture in the apartment units, do not bring the furniture outside.

16.16. For the fireworks brought by the Guest to the Accommodation, and for other activities that require authorization, the written agreement of the Accommodation is needed, as well as the official permission for these means.

16.17. The Guest must make sure, that the children under 18 years of age can only stay in an apartment unit if supervised by a parent, any damages caused by the child(ren), the responsibility is on their parents. The Guest is responsible for the damages caused by the Guest, the Guest’s accompanist, or the person under the Guest’s responsibility.

16.18. Any person under 18 years of age is prohibited from drinking alcohol, or smoking- even in the designated areas.

16.19. The Provider asks the Guests, to signal the reservation of any physically disabled person, for the reservation of a ground floor apartment.

16.20. The Guest must notify the Provider of any damages happened to the Guest, and should provide every data necessary to the Accommodation, to clarify the details of event, or necessary for a police record/legal action.

17. Housing pets

17.1. The Provider cannot house any type of pets – with the exception of guide dogs.

18. The Rights of the Provider

18.1. If the Guest has not fulfilled its payment obligation for the used services, or those services that were ordered in the Contract, but were not used, the Provider has the right to foreclose personal items, which the Guest has brought to the apartment.

18.2. The Provider is authorized to inspect the coming and leaving Guests, their identity, or for a valid reason, may check their car upon leaving.

18.3. The Provider is authorized to check the cardholder’s identity, in case of paying by credit/debit card.

18.4. In the area of the accommodation, 11 security cameras were installed, overlooking the public areas of the Apartment, for the safety of the Guests and the staff. The recordings are deleted according to the referring legal regulations.

18.5. The operator of the Boró is entitled to checki the quality of the apartmenst and the objects of use.

18.6. Please, close the doors and windows when using the air-conditioner - otherwise 5.000.- HUF additional fee must be paid.

18.7. Temperature can be set between 20 and 24 Celsius degrees with the termostats. The heating temperature can be set between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius, while the cooling temperature can be set between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. The system switches based on the outside temperature.

18.8. Bicycles must not be stored in the apartment, otherwise, 5.000.- HUF additional fee is payable.

19. Obligations of the Provider

19.1. The fulfillment of the accommodation and other services, according to the legal requirements and service standards.

19.2. Investigation of the Guest’s written complaint, taking the necessary steps to handle the problem(s), and creating a written record about the problem.

19.3. For the peace of our Guests, after 22:00 no loud noise is allowed, including watching TV and listening to music, with a disturbingly loud sound. To upkeep the previously mentioned rule, the staff is responsible.


21. Illness, passing away of the Guest

20.1. If the Guest cannot act on its behalf, due to illness caught during the length of the accommodation service, the Provider offers medical help.

20.2. In the case of the Guest’s illness/passing away, the Provider may claim monetary compensation from the ill/deceased Guest’s closest relative, inheritor, or from the payer of the total bill; for the occurrent medical help and treatment fees, the sum of the services used by the Guest before his/her passing away, or the damages caused in the equipment and/or furniture.

21. Data-handling safety

21.1. For every booking coming through the website, the required data from the reserver are: name, phone number, and email address. When sending a quotation request, the User accedes to its data to be managed. The Provider manages the required data until either the User does not ask the Provider to delete the data, or until the reservation materializes.

21.2. For the solidity of the given data, the User is responsible.

21.3. The Provider protects the safety of the managed data from unauthorized access, change of data, forwarding to unknown Third Parties, going public, clearing or erasing, as well as from erasure by accident and from damaging.

21.4. The Provider works together with the operator of the server on the safety of the shared data.

21.5. The personal data given by the User is only accessible by the data manager’s employee. The personal data is not shared to any Third parties other than the marked parties.

21.6. The Provider does not share any personal data to any third party without the previous and explicit consent of the User.

21.7. The User acknowledges that the Provider must give the personal data of the User upon legal warrant to the requesting legal authority, if there is any legal condition. The User is unable to complain if the data request is bound by law, authority or judicial decision.

22. The liability for damages of the Provider

22.1. The Provider takes responsibility for the damages the Guest suffered, if the Guest’s personal items are missing, damaged or perished, if the Guest hands the item(s) over to the Provider, and has placed them in the designated place, or for those, that the Guest handed over to a staff member, who is thought to be responsible for safekeeping the items.

22.2. The Provider takes no responsibility for those damages, that are unavertable by the employees of the Provider or the Guest, or if the Guest caused damages.

22.3. The Provider has marked some of the areas, the Guests cannot enter. If any damages or accident happens to the Guest in these areas, The Provider takes no responsibility.

22.4. The Provider is only responsible for valuables, personal effects, or cash, if any of these items were received specifically for safekeeping, or the safekeeping was explicitly denied, or for any causes, that the Provider is responsible for according to the general rules. In that case, the cause must be proven by the Guest.

22.5. The Provider is not responsible for inappropriate use of the facilities of the Apartment.

22.6. The Provider is not liable for any damages, if the Guest uses the facilities in the yard of the complex, which partially or cannot be used due to unexpected or health-related reason, for maintenance.

23. Secrecy

23.1. The Provider while fulling the obligations included in the Contract, must act accordingly with the law related to the safety of personal and public data.

24.Vis maior

24.1. Reasons and causes (e.g. war, fire, flood, weather conditions, blackout, strike), on which neither sides have control (vis maior), lift the fulfillment obligations of the Contract, until the circumstances stand.

25. The place of fulfillment and the law applying in the parties’ legal relations, trial court

25.1. The place of fulfillment is where the accommodating apartment house is located.

25.2. In case of any misunderstanding in connection with the accommodation contract, referring to the Provider, a substantively and locally competent court will be appointed.

25.3.  For the relations between the Provider and the Guest, the provisions of Hungarian legislation are the normative.

26. The website visitors’ data

26.1. The website run by the Provider does not record the user’s IP address and any other personal data. The visiting of the website is completely free and anonymous. The data gathered by the Provider is absolutely for statistical purpose, to optimize internet appearance, to raise the safety level of the Provider’s website. The recorded data does not include any sort of personal data.

26.2. The data and facts related to the User is handled confidentially by the Provider, and are only used for creating statistics and for the Provider’s own researches.

26.3. The Provider takes no responsibility for the deleted, but by online search engines, archived previous sites. The eradication of these is the responsibility of the search engine’s operator.

27. Privacy statement

27.1. The safety of personal data is of high priority in the function of the Provider. The provided data is handled in accordance with the referring legal measures, takes care about the safety of the data, does everything to create the technical and organizational measures, as well as creates the necessary rules of procedure, to fulfill the corresponding legal measures.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the provided data is only used for Contracting, billing and advertising purposes.

By accepting the terms of the accommodation-service contract, the Guest accepts that they have read and understood the terms and conditions, and agrees with them. The General Terms and Conditions is subject to change.

Valid until recall.



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